Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And finally, today!

Finally, I'm caught up with my pictures!!!

Today was a pretty laid back day. Oliver slept a lot, which was good, because he's been fighting it lately and he didnt nap much yesterday.

Here he was after sitting up for awhile on the couch. This is a perfect, "Ok Mom, I can't do this anymore!" picture :o)

Baby Pilot Tuesday

This outfit was my nephew, Liam's, and its just too cute! (Just like everything else of SIL is amazing at dressing her kids, they are always adorable!!!)

Pretty Feet Monday

Monday Jay took a vacation day from was so nice. Its the first time he has ever had vacation days, and we both just needed him to be home for a night.
Oliver is obsessed with his feet. its too cute!! He doesnt pay much attention to them when he has his braces on, but he goes nuts when we take them off. His feet look so great! And he can sit up for brief periods of time by himself when his braces are off. He's still not very steady, but he's getting there. I think it'll be longer before he can sit up with his braces on. They go so far up his legs that they kind of interfere with his sitting.

Cereal!!! Sunday, 2/1

Sunday Oliver got his first bite of baby cereal. It was so cute!! He was very interested in the spoon and food, but would make terrible faces when he got a taste of it! He did so well. We have done cereal once a day every day since then and its going great!!
I'm glad we waited awhile to start cereal. He doesnt fight it, and already gets excited when he sees me stirring it up. He only eats a tiny bit at a time, but thats ok, I'm just getting him used to a spoon and practicing eating. He wasnt satisfied with just a bottle anymore, and he was already eating 32 oz most days, so it was time to start something new. And its actually been pretty fun!! I think we were both finally ready for it.

Saturday, 1/31

Saturday, Kirsten and I went shopping. It was so fun! I found stuff for Oliver, and she bought stuff for her baby girl, Gracie Mae, who is due in June.
When we got back to their house I was showing her some of my different baby carriers. I had Oliver's braces off, so i put him in my polkadot papoose baby sling to see how he fits in it now. He was so happy just sitting up in there! It was so cute!!

Another one-Jan 30

Another sleepy baby picture...thats
actually my baby blanket above his head.

Sleepy Baby-Thurs. Jan 29

Oliver doing what he loves to do most...sleep!


Wednesday, Jan. 28

I needed comfy pants

for him and grabbed these

6-9 month ones real quick...haha, you

cant really tell but they went

past his feet by a LOT and were

almost falling off his waist!!

January 27th picture

Got milk???

and I'm Back

Sorry for being MIA lately. My laptop is being crap, but thankfully my FIL is letting us borrow his for the time being. I hate being without a laptop! But you all know how I love pictures, so I'm going to do a post for each day since last week with that day's picture on it.

We are all doing well. Oliver's growing and growing and growing. He wore a 6-9 month one-piece outfit today. It was fisher-price and all the others from them run small too, so I wasnt surprised. He's outgrowing 3-6 onesies and the length on 3-6 pants are finally fitting well, and not covering his feet! Some 6 month stuff fits, and the rest will fit very soon. My baby is getting B-I-G!!