Friday, October 8, 2010

Hair Cut

I finally took the time to get my hair cut today.  I love it! She pulled it back in a low ponytail and cut the whole thing off.  LOL I have little qualms about chopping my hair like that.  I get a little nervous but I love doing it.  I usually chop my hair off once a year or so and then let it grow back out. Maybe I'll keep it long this time.  I really do love it!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Back in Fluff :)

I wish I had a picture to go along with today's post but I never got around to it.  Oliver's rash is cleared up and so we are back in fluff.  I dont think it was ever yeast because it responded well to regular diaper rash cream and didnt really do anything when I tried the Lotrimin. I had already stripped my diapers once so oh well, at least they are really clean now! ha!  It seemed really weird to have all my diapers clean at once.  Since we are usually in cloth all the time he always has one on.  I should have taken a picture of them all, but didnt have the energy/motivation to do that before putting one on him today. I'm really glad we still had some disposables though.  I would have been mad if we had had to spend any diaper money on sposies!  Yuck!  The good news is that they are almost all gone now, so as long as Oliver doesnt get a yeast rash again (not likely since he rarely ever ever ever gets diaper rash) we wont have to buy any more for him ever again! yay! The last time I bought disposables was in June and right after that we started cloth part time.  My goal was to make it through the summer and not buy more until September, but thankfully I was able to build my c.d. stash and we have never had to buy more sposies.  I do want to buy a few extra velcro diapers so that its easier for anyone who watches Oliver to use the cloth. I mean, the snaps arent hard, but for someone who isnt used to how to get them on and tight, they would probably prefer the velcro.  I mean, the velcro are *just* like disposables.  The only difference is that whoever is watching Oliver will put them in the wetbag and send them home with me.  Easy peasy :)

My dad is coming to visit tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it.  He is always a big help with Oliver and anything I need help with around here. Its been awhile since he has gotten to come visit and he is going to get to take Oliver on a wagon ride which I know they both will love a lot. 

So for now, good night blogging world.  I'll post pics tomorrow ;)

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well, I dont know if this rash is a yeast rash or not.  it seems to be doing better just with the regular diaper rash cream I was using, and if it was rash it wouldnt react to this stuff.  I still began the process of stripping all of Olivers diapers just to make sure.  I'll keep him in nasty 'sposies until the rash is gone.  Even if its not yeast, I dont want to risk it.  I feel so bad for him.  His little bum has these little red bumps and now wearing the rough diapers.  Ugh.  I cant wait til he's back in his fluffy diapers!

And now you know the secret life of a stay-at-home-mom: spending my day analyzing diaper rashes. @@