Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Its a beautiful day here. My mom is here today visiting and will stay the night. I love having her here. Jay is out golfing, and Oliver is asleep upstairs with my mom. So I'm taking a litte bit to play on the internet!

Oliver was 9 months on Tuesday! Gosh, its soooo hard to believe. On Thursday we got his pics taken at Portrait Innovations. I wasn't as happy with those as I was with his 6 month pictures. The photographer just didn't seem as quick with taking pictures, meaning she kept trying to get him to look a certain place and wouldn't take a picture until he was doing what she wanted, even though sometimes he would have the cutest look on his face or whatever. Oh well, we still ended up getting 7 different poses, out of 106 pics they took!

Its such a change to look at his 6 month pictures and then his 9 months. He has grown so much and has gotten a LOT more hair! Its curly and crazy and I love it!

Oliver still doesn't have an interest in crawling. All he wants to do is stand! He has had his legs straight pretty much his entire life until a month ago when Dr. C said he only needed his braces at night. Last weekend he started taking steps when he was holding onto our hands. I can't wait to see him walk. Thank you to everyone who has made positive comments about Oliver standing. We have truly been blessed and every day we thank God for taking such good care of our baby! It is because of Him that Oliver is thriving.

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  1. He looks so sweet standing, You are such an awesome MOM taking care of his legs. What great pics:) He is so perfect:)