Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oliver's Visit With Santa

I'll have to upload the picture later, but let's just say he wanted nothing to do with him!!! LOL We went to see Santa at our church today and Oliver was not happy! Poor little guy, I have to admit it was funny though.

Jay had to work today, and my parents both came to Fort Wayne to do some Christmas shopping so Oliver and I met them for lunch. Then we went to Von Maur and picked up Oliver's new pediped flex shoes, they are awesome! He seems to grow out of shoes rather quickly but I get at least one good pair for each size he goes through. He had a good pair of Nikes that I really liked but those are too small, so these little brown shoes are adorable on him. By that time Jay was off work so he met us at Jefferson Pointe. Mom had already gone through the racks at Von Maur and picked out more stuff for Oliver :) Then she and Dad went to get a few things and Jay and I went to Childrens Place and got some stuff for Oliver. Mom walked by and saw us in line so they stopped back in and while we were waiting she picked out more things for Oliver. Haha, it cracks me up, she is such a wonderful grandmother and loves to buy him things. We then got some chocolates at DeBrands, I went and picked up Brent and Taylor's Christmas gifts (yay Jess! :) ) and by that time Oliver had fallen asleep so we just headed home. I still need to go back and go to the cake store sometime next week to get a few last minute things for the wedding cake I'm doing next weekend. I'm SO nervous about it!! I know it'll go great but I just want it to be perfect.

Ok, will upload pics later but am going to go put away some of Oliver's new things :)


  1. Lyndsey, Can't wait to see pics of him. He is growing so fast. How are his feet? Is he finished wearing his braces? You have done the best job:)

  2. Thank you so much, hon!! yes, he is completely done with his braces and he is doing wonderfully. We go back in May to his foot dr and it could be his last appt. God has truly blessed us!