Thursday, January 21, 2010


I soooo need to go "nigh-night" as Oliver says, but instead I am blogging. I was just looking back at pictures in my blog from last year and its so hard to believe how little Oliver was just a year ago. Plus, how little hair he had! His hair has become so much of who he is, everyone comments on it and its just so funny to see my little "bald" baby...even though he never was bald and I always thought he had such pretty hair.

Tonight we went to Fort Wayne after Jay got off work. I wanted to get a couple things at the cake store, and we went to Cheddar's for dinner, and then stopped at Target. To say the least, going out with an almost 17-month-old is NOT easy! Maybe it was because it was at the end of the day, although usually he is still pretty was just not a great day for us! He just wants to be on the go, so sitting in a high chair, or in a shopping cart, goes against everything he wants to be doing. I love this age so much but there are definite challenges!

For example, Oliver is starting to talk so much and its so sweet. This past weekend we were at my mom's house and she has this little Elmo Kitchen and it has a "microphone" you can talk into. Mom was talking into it saying "oliver, oliver" over and over and he went up and said "Oliver!" plain as day into it! It was the cutest ever!! He also LOVES to dance, especially to Handy Manny songs and his favorite, the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song! its the cutest thing. He loves stomping his feet and turning in circles, bouncing his head, and shaking his little booty and clapping his hands. He is such a precious gift from God. Oh, how I adore him!!!

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  1. Oliver does have some rockin' hair! And I argee that this is SUCH a fun age! Erik loves to dance as well (of course to Mickey...that's his main man!) and he will dance anytime he hears any music!