Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holy Day!

WOW...what an amazing church service today. It marked the end of the 21-day fast that our church participated in along with nearly 1100 other churches worldwide. Not everyone fasted, and not everyone did the same fast. This year Jay and I didn't fast, although I learned a lot about it and am thinking about applying it as needed throughout the year. With medication I'm on I dont think it would be wise to do an absolute fast, as I usually feel sick if I don't eat at least a little something with my medicine. So I believe the Daniel fast will be something we participate in. Jay and I are so ready for a change in our lives in regard to his job that this may be what we need to do to focus our energy into praying for God's direction.

I am SO thankful that I was in service today (and not working in the nursery). As much as I love serving in the church, today was a service to remember. So many breakthroughs happened for people during the past 21 days. I really can't wrap my mind around all that has happened. It is only by the grace of God that people had breakthroughs, blessings, and pure MIRACLES occur. You could just FEEL the Holy Spirit in God's house today; it was so intense.

Tonight I watched the Duggar family special on the birth of their 19th baby, Josie Brooklyn. She was born at just 25(ish) weeks and was 1 lb 6 oz. She is so unbelievably tiny. I simply can't imagine! We went through so much with Olivers feet but I will forever be thankful that I had a wonderful birth experience and we were able to come home with our beautiful baby boy. My biggest fear was having him taken to the NICU and I couldnt bear the thought of having to leave him and come home without him. He had been part of me for 9 1/2 months and I was sick with the thought of ever having to come home from the hospital without him. God has truly touched the Duggar family and is putting  His protection around baby Josie. We continue to pray for the Duggars. I told Jay tonight when I first watched their show I thought they were crazy for having so many children but I found them fascinating. Now I DVR every episode of theirs and admire their faith. Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to just let God take control of how many children we have. But the thought of having another baby right now is so overwhelming! I want to get in a better place in our lives; pay off some of our debt (we are on our way!) and move to a bigger place. I'm not looking to move to a big house right away...I don't want to get into a mortgage that overwhelms us. But I want a place where we can have a backyard and more living space. I mean, Oliver hardly has room to run around as it is, much less if we had any baby stuff laying around! But back to the Duggars, they are an inspiration to how they raise their children, infusing God's word into their daily life. God bless their family...

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