Monday, March 29, 2010

Prayers, please...

Things are tough for us right now.  We have total faith that God will carry us through this life and that He has big plans for our family.  But in our humanness, we struggle.  We hate to see injustice in the world, in our own little world.  But just as we praise Him in the good times, we will praise Him in the bad.

To make a long story short, Jay has been repeatedly under attack at work.  Last fall he didn't get a promotion that he interviewed for, and while we were upset, we understood that it was not in God's plan.  We moved on and were ok.  Then a couple months ago the lady that got the job over Jay started making his life very difficult at work.  She then filed a formal complaint that he was going around spreading rumors about why she got the job over him.  Um, hello, that was, like, 4 months ago!  He never said anything!!

So they have been doing this big investigation.  Jay came home today and said he is off for the next 3 days on unpaid suspension.  He had Good Friday off anyway, and then next week they are on shutdown, so I guess his break is just starting extra early.

Pastor Jeff always says that when you are living your life for the Lord you will be attacked.  If you are sitting and doing nothing, then Satan has no reason to mess with're doing exactly what he wants you to do- NOTHING!  But we are closer in our walk with Christ now than we have ever been.  So we will endure these trials with our head high, speaking the truth.

Vengeance is the Lord's.  We do not seek vengeance on these people.  But its still heart-breaking.


  1. Lyndsey, Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family. Any news on his job? Lots of Love,

  2. Happy Mothers Day. Hope you had a great day. Blessings,