Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm still here :)


(Oliver with my oven mits on)

Wow, its been awhile!  I'm sorry that I totally stink at updating my blog.  I do much better with my cake and cookies blog ( because it seems like that takes up most of my time--baking and decorating!!!

Oliver is getting soooo big.  I had to take him to the dr on Monday of this week and he ended up with a double ear infection.  Poor baby!  He rarely has those; its only his second ear infection ever.  Its hard to tell with him when his ears are bothering him, because he doesnt run a fever or tug at them.  Both times he has had an ear infection I have taken him to the dr because he develops a bad cough.  So I guess the cough is my clue. :)  Funny how you just learn these things as you go along.  These are the lessons that no parenting book can teach you!

Things are pretty uneventful with Jay's work.  He has been switched to a different "team" at work and they are working quite a few less hours.  Thats good because he gets to spend more time at home with Oliver and me.  Its bad because its cut his pay down by quite a bit.  I long for the day when we don't struggle with money.  I don't need to be rich; its not about "things."  I try desperately to give my money worries to the Lord yet I don't quite know how to just leave them.  I always pick those worries back up without even realizing it.

So, life is just life right now :-)  Every day is an adventure with Oliver and I love being his mom more than anything.  I never guessed how awesome it would be to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I am truly blessed :)

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