Saturday, February 6, 2010


So nothing very exciting has happened, but I feel like I should update just for the heck of it. :-)

Let's see...ohhh Oliver napped for 4 HOURS today!!!!!  Oliver doesn't sleep well on his own so I'm usually either napping with him or at least laying beside him (or in the room) while he naps.  I can't really complain, it gives us some snuggle time, and although I don't get any time to really get caught up on stuff during his naps, I dont really mind. :) :) :)  Plus, I don't sleep well at night so the nap during the day is a big help most days.  Anyway, I knew I would never sleep tonight if I slept very long this afternoon, so I got up and Oliver slept on his own for over an hour and a half of his nap.  YAY!!! I think we checked on him a hundred times during that hour and a half, but he was totally fine of course.  Finally, I heard a little "Mama?...Mama?" from upstairs.  His little voice is so sweet.  And he only stayed up about an hour later than normal for his bedtime, so that wasn't bad at all.

On a totally different note, I found several episodes of the TV series Jack and Bobby on our On Demand...I love that show!!!!  Jenny and I used to watch it all the time sophomore year of college.  I hadn't thought about that show in a long time.  So, I'm watching that as I write this, so I apologize for any (and all!) rambling!

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl!  We will all be decked out in our Colts gear, even Oliver although he for sure wont last to see who wins.

Alright, I'm going to finish this episode, do my nightly Bible reading, and then go to bed.  I need to do some baking, but I am choosing sleep tonight over baking. :-)

P.S. I'm writing a note to remind myself to write a post ranting about the Dr. Phil show I watched the other day.  I'm not a Dr. Phil fan (anyone surprised I'm not a fan of a spokesman?!) but I actually did agree with him on this episode...and wanted to hurt the CBS consultant.  but more on that later, lol...


  1. Lyndsey, Thank You so much for all your prayers. You know how much we as Moms can worry...

    I wonder what your Dr. Phil update will be hum... lol.

    I am so glad Oliver is taking naps for you. Sara still naps several times a day. Is he still climbing everywhere? Hope to hear more updates soon. How is your cake business? Blessings,

  2. Yes, I do know how easy it is to worry. I pray that your appt went well Wednesday and look forward to your update.

    Oliver has calmed down on his climbing, thankfully!! He still climbs a lot, but its not nearly as crazy as it was...thankfully!!

    Cake business has been a little slow lately, but I have two to do next week, and I just did one tonight for my FIL. It seems to come in waves :)