Friday, February 19, 2010


I just need to vent about workmans comp in Indiana.  I just talked to my mom on the phone.  Last fall (maybe late summer?) she was getting off a ladder at work and twisted her knee.  The first doctor she saw had her do physical therapy, which didn't help.  The next dr she saw agreed that the physical therapy she was doing was not even helping the right area (nice, huh?).  He changed some of the exercises she was doing, but ultimately, she needed surgery.  I think the area that was torn was called the maniscus? Not sure.  She had the surgery last October.  Anyway, today she talks to workmans comp and they are DENYING her claim.  Denying it.  Saying that it wasn't an "accident."

I always thought workmans comp covered people who were hurt on the job.  I know lots of other people who have gotten coverage because of things that happened on the job.  Mom asked, "So if I was outside salting the sidewalks and slipped on the ice and broke my leg, you wouldn't cover that?"  and they said, "Well, yes, we would, because you would be doing your job."  I think Mom probably about went through the phone at the point when she said, "I WAS DOING MY JOB.  I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ON A LADDER CLEANING WINDOWS IF I HAD NOT BEEN DOING MY JOB AT WORK."  The lady claimed it could have happened anywhere.  Soooo not the point!  It didnt happen anywhere; it happened at work.  And like Mom said, she would not have been on a ladder if she had not been at work, so really it could not have happened anywhere.

I feel so bad for her.  This is just wrong.  I have heard that Indiana workman's comp is one of the worst in the country to deal with and have the worst coverage.  This proves that. 

I pray that God corrects this injustice.  Its just not fair.

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