Sunday, July 4, 2010

Going Cloth!

That's right, people, soon we will be going cloth, a.k.a. using cloth diapers.  So far I've gotten mixed reactions to this, which is what I expected.  I think we'll get a *lot* more once we actually start using them instead of just talking about them.  As is everything with parenting, others seem to think they need to give their opinion on it.  That's ok..I have my opinions too. :)

I find it kind of funny that people actually care so much.  Well, more surprised that the ones who are against it care so much.  Its fun to talk to other cd'ing mamas and see which cd's work best for them, where they like to buy them, etc.  But those who think they are just gross, an unnecessary burden, etc...umm why do they care?  Are they the ones doing our wash? (If they're volunteering for that chore I wont make them do the diapers, promise! haha!)  If not, why do they really care?  Especially those people who do not know what cloth diapers are like today.  They are not like they used to be when I was little or when our parents were babies.  They are sooo much better and different now.  Most of them are as easy as disposables as far as putting them on, and those that aren't as "easy" are still not difficult.  They hold up very, very well and can be used for multiple children.  Many of them have various sizes so that the very same diaper can be used for the same baby as they grow.  Yes, it can be expensive to get started, but once you have your stash, you get to the point where you dont have to buy anymore (although just like baby clothes, even though we have *enough* I still buy cute ones!).  Pretty soon no more diaper costs! How cool is that?!

Gone are the days where you had to use pins and rubber pants to cloth dipe...I've already picked out two Mickey fabrics and a Toy Story fabric for diaper covers. They really are so, so cute.

 *And!* they have great re-sale value, so after we are done, we can sell them and make something back.  All in exchange for some extra laundry and some adjustment as we get used to using them and finding out which ones work best for us.  Hey, we did that (and continue to) with disposables (the adjusting part), so what's the difference?

I'm not a huge environmentalist.  But if you think about how many diapers are thrown away each year and the fact that those diapers are sloooow to decompose...well, I don't really like that thought.  So if I can help out in this small way, sign me up.

Many testify that it can also help with potty training.  Disposables diapers today are so good at whisking away the moisture that babies don't really feel it.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  But with cloth, the child feels the moisture more, usually doesnt like it, and can tell when they are urinating.  As excited as I am to do the cloth diapers, I'll be super excited when Oliver is out of diapers completely!

And with our future babies, we can start with cloth at the beginning.  :)

We co-sleep. I babywear.  We don't spank.  And now we cloth diaper.  Are we "odd" enough for you yet? :) :) :)


  1. Not odd to me! :) You will LOVE your cloth diapers, I promise. :) Owen is wearing some diapers that Lilli wore 7 years ago! They will probably work for the new baby too. So, they will have a life of at least 8 years, and 4 babies. Can't say that for disposibles! :)

  2. Thats awesome! And you're right, I do love the cloth, a LOT! I was only planning on doing it part time for awhile but I already want to build my stash to do it full time. They're awesome!