Wednesday, July 28, 2010


...with living in this dang apt.  Is anyone tired of hearing me say this yet? I just cant get over it. I dont know how to be happy living in a place where everything is literally falling apart around us. I hate it.  There's no way to make this place feel like home because there's no room to breathe. I  feel like I'm in such a craphole. 

We went and looked at a house tonight. It was ok-nothing great.  Its hard because we found what seemed to be the perfect house a couple weeks ago but they rented it to someone else.  So everything is being compared to that in my mind.  I did like the backyard of this house a lot better.  Its huge-perfect for Oliver.  Lots of living space-even though its a 2 story.  The upstairs just has 2 bedrooms and closet space.  Cons: 1 bathroom, no dishwasher.  Not a ton of cabinet space in the kitchen, but um hello, have you SEEN my kitchen? I realized the other night that if I really look at my kitchen , I have ZERO counter space to work on stuff.  My kitchen counterspace is overtaken by my microwave, KA mixer, dish drainer, and random utensils.  I can barely set a gallon of milk on the counter without it tipping over.  Everything I do has to be done on my little "microwave" stand that has become my cake/cookie station.  Which is unbelievably small.  I hate it!!!!!! 

(Have I mentioned that?)


  1. Lyndsey, I am sorry you have not been able to move. I pray you find the perfect home for you and your family soon.

    If I can help look up homes in your area for you please let me know.

  2. Audrey, you are so sweet. I appreciate your friendship so much. I continue to check craigslist and our local classifieds ads for rentals. Your prayers are more than enough!
    I continue to pray for you and your baby boy!