Monday, June 21, 2010

We might have A/C!!!

Quick update before dinner at the ILs...

I called this morning a little after 9:00 to see what was going on.  Since they claimed to have "so many people with this same problem" I simply asked where we were on their list of people to help.  She fumbled around, finally saying there was no list but there really weren't that many people who needed theirs fixed so we should be helped today.  I very politely but firmly told her that we had not been able to be home since Friday, and she interrupted and said "oh my gosh! Ok, we'll make sure to get them over there today.  What was the problem again?"

(I wanted to throw my phone against the wall.)

More to update later, but Oliver has apparently had enough of my attention being directed at the computer instead of HIM...but it looks like it was fixed around 6:00ish. (awesome.)  We'll see later when we go back if it really worked or not.

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