Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let's Talk...FuzziBunz!

Alright, its time for more cloth diaper talk!  I know some people follow this to see pics of Oliver, and there will be one of those in here too, I promise. :-)

Here are 2 of our "newer" cloth diapers.  I've had them a couple of weeks and like them a lot.  They are FuzziBunz Perfect Size Large.  We also have some OS (one-size) FB that I'll show pics of another day.  These large size are plenty big on Oliver, I have to snap them in on almost the tightest snap.  Which is great, because he is about out of some of his cloth dipes.

I love the colors of these.  The red and orange are bright and vibrant.They are considered "old" colors, so I was able to get them on sale, which is even better.  Who can pass up a good sale on CD's?!  :)

Like the rest of my favorite diapers, these are pocket diapers. Quite literally, there is a "pocket" in the back of the diaper that you stuff with an insert.  There are many varieties of CD's and so far pockets have worked out best for us.  For one thing, they dry quickly since you "unstuff" the pocket when you wash them. I always hang dry my covers, except for when I'll occasionally put them in for a very short "low heat" cycle if I'm in a hurry.  If I'm doing my diaper laundry at night, I'll also hang up my inserts to dry as well.  If I'm doing laundry during the day I just put them in the dryer on high heat so they get dry.  If I put them in the dryer, I wait a bit before I stuff them so that they aren't so hot.  Putting hot inserts into a cover will wear out the PUL (the waterproof fabric that is part of the diaper cover) and elastic.  Some people dont stuff their diapers beforehand, they just grab what they need and stuff as they go through diaper changes. I like to have mine all done and organized so I can just grab when I need them and they are all ready. 

Another great part about pocket diapers is that you can choose your absorbancy level.  For example, during the day I just put one insert into the diapers, unless we are going to be gone for awhile then occasionally I'll double-stuff.  At night, I'll use a hemp doubler.  Hemp and bamboo are natural fibers that absorb a great deal so they work great for heavy wetters. (Which Oliver definitely is at night.)

You can see that there are two rows of snaps.  Its easiest to snap the bottom one first to get a good fit around the leg, and then snap the one around the waist.  This takes a little bit of patience to get the right fit, but its not hard. At all :)

Next time I'll try to get a better picture to show the "pocket" better.  This diaper came with just one insert, while others I have bought come with 2.  These diapers are very trim, which I like.  Because of how these fit, I think Oliver may have actually fit into a size medium.  But I didnt want to buy those just to have him quickly outgrow them.  Because, come on, its going to be awhile before Oliver's potty-trained.

And with how cute all these diapers are, I'm actually ok with that ;-)

What a cute little booty ;-)

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