Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oliver's 2 year stats

Oliver had his 2 year dr appt last Friday.  He is 30.5 lbs and 35.75" tall.  He's 85% for both.  Such a big boy! :)  The dr asked if we were having any progress with potty so much! He will go sometimes, but I'm not really working on it.  Plus, I love my cloth diapers so I'm not too worried about pushing it! HA!

he also got the flu nasal mist vaccine...gosh I still am so not sold on flu vaccines or vaccines in general but for now we get them.  I know that I will NOT have future babies get the HepB vaccine in the hospital when they are born though.  I just think that is totally ridiculous.  There is no reason for that at all.  If someone can explain to me why in the world a newborn baby needs a HepB vaccination, please do because I am just lost on that one.  He also had a finger prick to test for anemia (he's ok there) and 2 other shots.  Poor baby was a mess!  But he got better pretty quickly.  It was also fun to show off his fluff as he wore his new clementine color bumgenius diaper!  I love that diaper, but it seems a bit small, so i look forward to getting the newer version of it.  (I got the 3.0 because I was able to get it for $14.  Next time I'll be trying the 4.0) :)

We are still very happy here at the new place. My parents got Oliver some outdoor toys for his birthday including a red wagon!! yay!! and this little toy lawnmower, so cute.  We love being outside!

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  1. Glad you got his shots over with, Those are no fun. He is growing so fast... We do not get the shot in the hospital either. They get plenty at each checkup and we dont get them early. I had to sign and say No that we declined the shot.

    I love hearing that yall are so happy at your new home. I know what you mean about loving being outside, We stay outside. Even the baby loves me swinging him on our porch swing.

    I added you to my prayer list and added your blog link. Thinking of you. Blessings,