Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Same Diaper, Different Day

For those of you who arent into cloth diapering, you might find a picture of Oliver's "fluffy stash" a bit corny. LOL It probably is, but those of you who love fluff like I do love pictures like this!

This is what is currently in Oliver's fluff rotation.  He also has 2 GroBabys, but they are getting small on him and so they are only there for back-ups.  And he has 6 prefolds to go with the covers that are on the far left, but they are very bulky (I messed up and got the premium size prefolds) so we were only using them at night.  Then I noticed his skin seems to be sensitive to wearing prefolds all night long (they dont pull the moisture away from him as well as pockets do) so we're taking a break from those.

On top of the Serenity Baby Covers is a thirsties fab fitted diaper in Aqua.  so pretty and soft! I use that under the covers, but he is a pretty heavy wetter, so fitteds dont last long on him.  I usually use them in the morning after he's been in a diaper all night to kind of let him "air out" LOL 

The middle stack, top to bottom: red and orange Large size fuzzibunz pockets, a clementine bumGenius 3.0, a blue bumEssentials hybrid diaper, and a red and black AIO dreamboat diaper. 

and in the far right stack, top to bottom: yellow, green, and polka dotted Rumparooz pockets, polka dotted Blueberry pocket diaper, and 3 FuzziBunz perfect size pocket diapers in periwinkle, baby blue, and yellow.

I'm not the "find the perfect diaper and stick to it" type.  I'm the "I love all these diapers but I want to try more" type.  thats just me :-)

I'm in the process of getting pictures of Oliver in all his various fluffs.  I'll do different posts and talk about all of them.  some of you will probably find this boring, but hey, its *my* blog ;-D

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