Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleep baby sleep!!

Heres praying that tonight Oliver sleeps MUCH BETTER than he did last night!

I went to bed about midnight and he was awake.  It took a cup of milk, a dose of Tylenol, and both mine and Jay's best efforts to get him to sleep...3 hours later.  We were at the end of our ropes.  Jay had to take him in the other room and stand and rock with him to get him to go back to sleep.  its so hard because Oliver always sleeps so much better for Jay than for me.  Obviously last night it took way too long even with Jay's help, but its frustrating because I know that I'm fighting a losing battle.  he simply fights me to sleep all.the.time.


So I laid in bed and prayed that Oliver would fall back asleep and sleep late for us.  LOL  Well, he eventually did fall back asleep...sometime after 3 a.m....but woke up just after 8!  COME ON!!!!  I got him to lay with me until about 8:30.  Pshew.

Thankfully, he was asleep by 1:45 for his afternoon nap, usually its 2:00 before we even head upstairs.  he slept for an hour and a half, which isnt a great nap but its not bad.

One more thing about today - I know he is teething badly.  he's drooling like crazy and is cranky as all get out.  So I put my amber necklace on him today.  First of all, it looked super cute.  Jay noticed it as soon as he got home and was like "what is that? he needs one!" Second, we didnt have to give him any tylenol tonight.  So add it to my list of things to get from Fluff Envy.

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