Sunday, August 22, 2010

1 Year

Its been one year since our friend Landon died.  :(  I cant believe its been that long, and yet at the same time I feel like it was yesterday that I got a text from Megan, his sister and my roommate from college, that said, "Stay by your phone, i need to call you. its important."  I couldnt possibly imagine what was going on, but that was the last thing I expected to hear.  Tonight we went up to Megan's parents' house and we all released balloons that had letter inside that we wrote to Landon.  It was beautiful.  Oliver was a little monster and screamed during the prayer, but oh well.  It was awful seeing Ron and Janet (Megan and Landon's parents) as the balloons flew off.  It reminded me of seeing them as they walked out of Landon's funeral and nearly collapsed from the grief.  Landon, we love you and miss you more than you'll ever realize.

On a much happier note, we got the keys to our new home today. :) :) :)  We moved a couple loads of stuff, including most of our kitchen stuff and the drawers from Olivers dresser and a lot of my clothes.  Tomorrow we will have a couple trucks to move the big stuff and hope to stay there tomorrow night.  We have until Sept. 15 to get out of this place so we dont have to do it too quickly which is great since Olivers birthday is this week and his party is on Saturday.  Jay has the day off Thursday and Friday which will be great since I will have a LOT of decorating/baking to do.  plus I have my first order for chocolate chip cookies for Thursday, so it'll be a busy week all around.

I do wonder a lot how in the wide world did we get so much stuff?! probably because I secretly wish I was a minimalist, but Im just

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