Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cloth Diaper Giveaways

One thing I never expected when we started using cloth was the amount of giveaways out there. Its crazy! I haven't won one (yet!) but I keep hoping and praying that maybe someday I will.

So far, we have tried 4 kinds of cloth diapers. The first were Rumparooz (I posted pics of Oliver in his yellow RaR, I think.) one size with snaps. I like those a lot. They are a bit bulky, but they have proven to be good for overnight or for long car trips. We use FuzziBunz, which I also like. we use the one-size with hip snaps.Not as bulky, but they fit him well. They size a little diferently as well-instead of the usual snaps to adjust the rise they have adjustable elastic in legs. I've heard some people have a hard time finding the right fit, but thankfully we found it right away and I like these.
Both the Rumparooz and FuzziBunz are called pocket diapers, and I like those a lot. They are a cover that have inserts that fit in a "pocket" in the back. You take the inserts out when you wash them and it makes drying time pretty quick. Then you stuff them once everything is dry and they are ready to go when its time for diaper change. Super easy! Whoever said cloth diapering was hard?!

We also have some Gro-Baby diapers. (I think they have recently changed their name to GroVia.) Those have "shells" (I call them covers) and then the soaker pads snap inside. When the soaker pad is wet or soiled, you can just change that if the cover isn't also wet or soiled. I've found that these run a bit small, so I don't know that Oliver will be able to wear them that much longer. I think I'd like them a lot better for a smaller baby, because I like them now-they just wont last long for us.
The last kind of diapers we use are prefolds and covers. The covers are *adorable*!!!! My friend Serena makes them over at The Serene Dream Shop. I did the custom fabric send in. Even if her website says sold out, contact her and she will work with you. I bought several types of fabric and sent them to her-Toy Story, two Mickey Mouse, popsicles, and blue and brown stripes. I also got a yellow monkey print cover. Prefolds are the "hardest" way of cloth diapering, which I find funny because its not hard at all! Prefolds are the kind of cloth diaper I first pictured when I thought of them-the kind my mom used to use with pins.  Now, though, with the covers, all you have to do is fold them in thirds and lay them in the cover.  Again, if they are wet/soiled and the cover isnt, just change the prefold and re-use the cover.  Easy peasy!  I have to admit- I did buy the wrong size of prefold so right now when we use them they are VERY bulky, but I hope to be able to buy some of the better fitting prefolds soon.

I have gotten each of my type of diapers from different sources, but by far my favorite retailer is Fluff Envy.  Justine is the owner and is such a sweet and helpful person.  From the beginning she has done anything to help me.  I first contacted her based on a referral from another cd'ing mama friend, and I really had no idea anything about cloth dipes.  Justine asked me information about my needs and preferences for diapers and helped me narrow down my choices.  She gave me honest reviews of diapers she thought I might like.  Since I got my diapers (I ordered my RaR from her) I've asked her even more questions and she always answers right away and never makes me feel like I am bugging her.  Last week one of my best friends ordered her first cloth diapers from Justine, and I was thrilled!  Plus, with her new referral program I earned a credit from the purchase of my friend's diapers! whoot!

I love cloth diapers so much more than I ever thought.  They are easy and FUN, which I never thought I'd say about diapers! Its fun to pick out what color and print Oliver is going to wear next.  Although I will slowly add some to our stash, I have enough to pretty much cloth diaper full-time.  When I first ordered my rumparooz, I was only wanting to cd part-time.  We made it the entire month of July without buying any disposables.  Thats about $50 in savings! yay!

Ok, so back to giveaways. Fluff Envy is doing a giveaway of AppleCheeks diapers on her blog.  She does a giveaway each month, and I didnt win last month.  Thats ok, because I'd *LOVE* to win the applecheeks diaper.  I've heard great things about apple cheeks, but they are a bit more expensive so I haven't had the chance to get any yet.  Blogging about the giveaway gives me another chance to enter, so here we go!

I'll continue to post about cloth diapers, Im sure, as this has become a part of our everyday life.  I have to admit-I'm a cloth diaper addict :)

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