Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another day, another house.

So we went and looked at another place tonight.  This one is in Roanoke, less than 10 minutes from Huntington, and closer to Fort Wayne.  The landlord called it a "condo."  You could call it a duplex.  I almost wish I had taken a picture of it though, because when I think of duplex this isnt what I think of.  Its much nicer.

This looking for a place to live thing is so emotionally draining for me.  I don't remember it ever being like this when I looked for places to live before.  Now, its like as soon as we see a place advertised we try to call, get in to see it and make a decision.  The two times that we have liked a place enough to say so to the landlord (today and about a month ago) its like we are going up against others in a competition.  When we were getting ready to leave we saw a family from our church that was also looking at it.  That was...awkward.  She said something about this place being big for our family.  Its not that big, and we hope to add to our family soon so it definitely wont be too big.  But I know she and her family have also been looking for someplace to live, so if they really like this place too, then I pray God's will be done and if His will is to let them live there, by all means I want them to.

The place had a decent size front yard, but no real backyard.  That was the biggest downside to this place, so if it doesnt work out, I hope to not be too upset.  When you walked in the front door there was a closet and then to your left were two steps, a landing, and then the stairs to go upstairs.  Not too excited about it being 2 story, I always feel like here we're living in half of our home at a time, but other than that, I liked everything else ok.  The living room was a decent size.  It felt much more open than this place does.  The dining room and kitchen were attached and that was a nice size.  There was a lot of cabinet space which was AWESOME.  I really did like the kitchen a lot.  Off of the living room was a half bath/laundry room that was also a great size. I was impressed with that.  It also has a 1 car garage attached with some additional storage space in there as well.  Going the top of the stairs was a full size bath.  Everything in there seemed newer and nice.  There was a little linen cabinet thing outside of the bathroom.  The first door on the right was a bedroom which was a nice size.  Second door on the right was another bedroom which was nice sized. (I just realized I am saying "nice size" a lot.  I dont know how to describe it! I dont have measurements other than the whole place was about 1400 sq ft.  Not that big, but bigger than this place which is under 1000.)  Both rooms had decent closets to them.  At the end of the hallway on the left was the master bedroom which was pretty big.  It had a full size bath attached to it which would be awesome.  I hate having to get up and go out the door to pee during the night.  I know that probably sounds dumb, but its true. It has central air (not common, we are finding out, in this area) and new windows that have the blinds inside them.  Lawn care and snow removal would be their responsibility, not ours.

Overall, it just felt more "homey" than this place, but that doesnt take much!!  I try sooooooooo hard to have the "if it doesnt work out it wasnt God's will" attitude but I struggle with that a lot.  I wish we hadnt looked at the house we did about a month ago that seemed so perfect for us and then we never even got a call back on it.  I compare everything to that place.  It was amazing.  But for whatever reason God didnt want us to have it, and we have to be ok with that.

But I'm struggling tonight.  there just arent many places around here to rent that arent a.) dumps or b.) old and expensive in utilities.  I cant keep count of how many we have driven by after calling and just by looking at them we know we wouldnt want to live there.  We've had so many doors closed on us, and we've closed a couple ourselves because we knew we wouldnt be happy.  For whatever reason, God hasnt opened the door for us yet that we are supposed to go through.  Maybe he will soon.  Maybe He did today, and we'll find out soon.

I cant hold my breath about this, because last time all I literally obsessed over that house and when Jay called to ask if it had been rented, I was crushed when they said yes.  Totally broken.  So we will keep looking every day.  And if its meant to be, we'll take it.  We'd be dumb not to.  If we dont ever hear back, hopefully the place we end up with will have a backyard.

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