Monday, August 16, 2010


So today the landlord of the place we are hoping to get (if its God's will) called and checked to make sure we're still interested.  Actually, he called Russ (my FIL) and asked to have Jay call him, but Russ just gave him Jay's number.  Strange, since our number is on the app, but whatever.  Jay said of course we are still interested, and the guy said he would be making a decision either tomorrow or Wednesday.


I pray that it is God's will for us to have this place.  At first I was totally fine with us not getting it, but its been a week and a half now, and it keeps dragging on.  I have had time to envision us there, and really hope that this is the place God intends for us.  I wish we had just found out quickly either way.  Would God let this thing drag out just to pull it out from under us?  Possibly.  Its been strange, though, that unless something was posted today, absolutely nothing has been posted in the paper for rentals that we are even remotely interested in.  Before, there were always ones that we could at least call about.  Since that Thursday, nothing.  And we had decided that we would keep looking so that if this place wasnt for us we wouldnt have wasted a week or more of our time.  But we havent been able to do that. 

But I will continue to pray for God's will to be done.  I'm not sure that we followed God's will by moving to this apt.  It never felt like home, it was never really what we wanted.  But we felt like we had to.  But for whatever reason, God has placed us here for the past two and a half years.  We've been here for a reason, no matter how much I have hated it.  I just pray that our time is up here...really, really pray hard for that.

So thats that.  Maybe my next post will be saying we're leaving this craphole and have a new home!!!

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