Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still a Chance

So we still hadnt heard anything about the condo/duplex/whatever you wanna call it so Jay called and asked today.  To be honest, I totally expected him to say it had been rented.  However, he said it hasnt been, he is waiting for a couple more apps to come back, so it would be Monday or Tuesday of next week.  The more I think about the place the more I really hope we get it.  Its so frustrating to me that we even have to think like this...I feel like its such a big deal for a rental.  But it is what it is.  Although there is practically no back yard and its a 2 story when we originally wanted 1 story, there are so many other things about it that I really liked.  But whatever God's will is I pray it is done.  I pray that we dont get it if its going to be a lot of hassle.  (Did I mention that our upstairs toilet is not working properly?  yeah.  we have to fill the tank up to get it to flush; it wont fill on its own.  LOVELY.)  I pray that we do get it if its going to be a good move for us, one that gets us through these next few years while we get completely out of debt, save for a down payment, and buy our own home. 

So I really expected this door to shut on us, like everything else has done so far, but it looks like maybe it'll stil happen.  And thats all I can hope for right now.  I really must believe that it'll work out exactly like its meant to.  I must cast all my anxieties upon the Lord, just as he asks us to do. 

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