Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...I love our new place. :)

we dont have internet hooked up yet, so I'll be posting more sporadically.  Last night we moved all our kitchen stuff (almost), our bed, Oliver's bed, our couch, bathroom stuff, and a ton of toys.  We are very blessed to have some great friends who helped us.  I absolutely love where we are right now.  Last night, me, Oliver, Jay, Jem, Kirsten, Jeremy, Russ, and Margie could all be in our living room comfortably.  Before, it would have been a tight fit with me, Jay, Oliver, and any other 2 people!  LOL  I was able to get our whole kitchen unpacked last night before I went to bed.  This place already feels more like home than our apt did.  Less than a week til we get our washer and dryer.  WOOHOO!!!!  We also have a dishwasher finally! yaaaaay!!

I love the extra storage space that was added onto the garage.  There were a few things for our kitchen that I wanted to keep but didnt really have room for.  So out in the garage they went.  No biggie.  That was awesome.  We still have so much stuff to bring over, though.  I wish we didnt have to bring anything else over, because right now things dont feel cramped at all.  I dont want them to get that way either!  I have already gotten rid of a lot of stuff that we simply didnt use.  Also, our friends are having a yard sale in september so I will sell some of it.  For the most part, though, I just want it gone.  I refuse to have my home so cramped and uncomfortable again.  There really wasnt a lot we could do about it in the other place.  There just wasnt room for anything.  But here we have room, so I'm going to use it to organize and keep things clean and in place.  I know things will get out of order, but I can handle that if there is a place for it all to go back to.  I also dont want to fill up the extra bedroom with a bunch of crap.  One day hopefully we'll be able to add to our family, and I dont want to be finding places to put all kinds of junk when we have to clean out that room for a future baby.  We'll see how it all goes...I'm just very happy to be here. :)


  1. Lyndsey, Great to hear from you. I have missed you. I am so glad yall are getting all moved into your new place.

    Do you have pics of the old house and now the new one? Love reading your updates. Thank You for all your prayers for Baby Boy. Love you,

  2. Audrey, I am going to take some pics of the old place before we leave it for the last time, we are still getting a few things out of there. wish I had taken pics with everything in it but it was such a mess! Will definitely upload pics of the new place too. I'm also going to do some measurements too, because i'm amazed at how much bigger this place is compared to what ours was! I love it here!

    Take care of yourself and your precious blessing, we will continue to pray for Baby Boy! Cant wait to see pics of him. Love you honey!