Thursday, January 22, 2009

25 Randoms

I posted this on my facebook profile, so I figured I'd post it here.
(And that's a picture from Oliver's bath earlier when he was trying to eat his ducky.) --->

1. I have watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls 4 times..and have just started again.
2. I crave Coke and Pepsi constantly now because I didn't drink it when I was pregnant.
3. I want a new phone but love my pink one too much.
4. If we ever get another cat, I want to name it Chowder.
5. If I ever acquire an unknown disease, I want Hugh Laurie to diagnose me.
6. I never thought I'd homeschool, but have actually started thinking about it. Who knows, that's a ways off.
7. I can't imagine only having one more child. I want at least 4.
8. I thought for sure we were having a girl until we found out otherwise.
9. I have taken about 3000 pictures of Oliver since he was born.
10. I don't believe that you can learn to parent by reading books, but I do think I can learn a lot from others who know more about the development of babies and children than I do.
11. I would love to travel to Ireland.
12. I want to learn to speak Italian.
13. One of my favorite wines, ironically, is Oliver wine.
14. I would rather eat bread sticks or garlic cheese bread than pizza.
15. If we ever move to California, we have to live close for Dr. Sears to be Oliver's pediatrician.
16. I have 9 baby carriers: 2 pouch slings (hotsling and Polkadot Papoose); 2 ring slings (Balboa Baby and NoJo); Beco; 2 sleepy wraps; a moby d wrap; and an Asian Baby Carrier. And I want more!
17. I wish I had more time for scrapbooking.
18. I would love to learn to sew.
19. I love junk food, but wish I was a health nut.
20. My goal is to someday live debt free.
21. In the last year my faith has become the center of my life.
22. Since becoming a mom, the people in my life who matter are the ones who also care about my child. If they don't care about Oliver, I don't care about them.
23. I'm extremely nostalgic about everything from my pregnancy and Oliver's birth.
24. Co-sleeping has been one of the best experiences.
25. I could eat Casa salad every single day.

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