Monday, January 19, 2009


Yay for MLK day..Jay didn't have to work! Its always great when he can be home with us in the evenings. I pray every day that God blesses us with a job for him where he can be with us at night. I know it'll happen soon!

I got a text from Kirsten (one of my best friends, our husbands have been friends for a really long time) about 10:00 this morning. She had her ultrasound today, and they are having a GIRL!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Hence the title "Pink!" for today's blog. I can't wait. Jay and I bought a little pink dress today for her. They have picked Gracie Mae for a name. I love that. Kirsten and I are going shopping on her next weekend fun!

Oliver had a check on his braces today at Prevail. They lengthened them and put some new velcro on them because they weren't sticking well anymore. While we were there, we saw a little boy, who looked maybe 9 months old or so and was absolutely adorable. I first saw him when he stuck his head out of a room and said hi. Then I saw him "crawling" down the hallway, and noticed his was in a cast, and the other stopped right about where his knee would have been. You could tell the leg that was in a cast also was shorter and did not have a foot. My heart broke for him. But what a happy little baby he was!! He used his arms like he was swimming butterfly style to crawl. It was so cute. It seems like when I start to get down about Oliver's feet that God places people like this little boy in my life to remind me of how lucky we truly are. Prevail also makes prosthetics, so that may have been why he was there.

Then I had an appt with Dr. Holmes for my PPD. He adjusted my Lexapro medicine to see if that continues to help. I can tell I am starting, very slowly, to feel better, but I am still not myself. PPD is a nasty condition, and I am ready for the day where I can handle it better than I am now.

We had a quick lunch at Casa, my favorite restaurant. Seated next to us were 3 month old twin girls. They were sooooo cute!! The mom and I talked a little bit, and she kept saying how beautiful Oliver is. :-) A mom never gets tired of hearing that!

Next we did a quick stop at Target to check out some car seats. Oliver will outgrow his infant seat relatively soon, probably in length before he does in weight. Especially with his braces, he is going to be too long for it soon. I'm struggling to make a decision. There are just so many options, and I really think a car seat is an investment. I'll spend more to ensure that its top quality. I need to go to BRU and see which Britax ones they have. The only Britax one Target had was the Marathon, which I don't think is what we want.

We stopped and saw Kirsten at work, and she held Oliver. I can tell she is just so excited to have a little baby again. Her son, David, is now 14 almost 15 months old, and she can't lift him anymore. She's been put on some restrictions this pregnancy, and now that he's over 30 lbs she can't pick him up. That would be so hard!

We made a quick stop at Nana and Poppa's house before coming home. They had Oliver's "book of the week". They get him a new picture book every week. I love it!! I spend a lot of time reading to Oliver, and I look forward to the new book every week.

Now we're home. Oliver jumperoo-ed for awhile and now is sleeping on Jay. Its time to just settle in and relax, and finish my chocolate chocolate chip muffin :-) YUMMY!!

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