Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Liam!!!

Sunday was Liam's birthday party. Its hard to believe he is now 3 years old!! He is such a cute, crazy kid. I love him to death. He has red curly hair, and sometimes I just look at him and wonder how much Oliver will look like him. Jay was playing with him Sunday, and following him and I couldn't help but smile and think, "Is this a preview of my life in 2.5 years?"

We got Liam a Spongebob sleeping bag, and he absolutely loved it. Chris even sent me a picture that night of Liam sleeping in it. At the party they got his cake ready, and then got preoccupied with their camera because it wasn't working. Liam took the opportunity to start eating the icing off the cake! It was too cute, because everyone was laughing, and Liam was loving every second of being the center of attention, and Chris and Joy were oblivious to the entire thing! It was hilarious!! That kid is just too much!!!

Grandma and Nancy got to play with Oliver and that was nice. I wish they got to see him more, so I enjoy every time we get to see them. It was also the first time that Joy's family got to see him, and they all loved him. Who couldn't love that little boy?!

We decided to stay at Mom's house Sunday night, too, so that we didn't have to get Oliver in the car, again, right around when it was his bedtime. I'm glad we did. I was very tired.

Oh, and while we were down there we got the chance to look at a house Chris and Joy are looking at buying. It is a great house. Perfect size for them, an older house that has been re-done and is just wonderful. I'd love to have a house like that. I truly hope they get it.

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