Thursday, January 22, 2009

Not So Sleepy Thursday...

Today hasn't been Oliver's best sleeping day, but hey, I can't expect it everyday, right? In fact, he's laying here next to me now, looking all bug-eyed instead of sleepy-eyed!! He was sound asleep and then suddenly I look over and he's just staring back at me, all bright-eyed and with a big, gummy smile!

We went to church at the Vine tonight, which was nice. It was kind of a last minute decision; I usually go but it was just depending on Oliver's mood, if he was sleeping, etc. We sat in front of a couple who also has a baby boy. Brady was born a week before Oliver, and is about the same size. He is too cute! Amber said he was wearing a 9-month outfit...I don't think Oliver could fit into his 9-mo. stuff!! His little Colts outfit is 3-6, and the little Adidas outfit he's wearing in the picture on my first blog post is 3 months...He has 2 Adidas outfits that are 3-mo that fit, but other than that he's in 3-6 and 6 month stuff. Once he gets out of his 6 mo stuff we will have some major shopping to do. He doesn't have much stuff bigger than 6 month.

Awww....oh my gosh....Oliver just put his hand up on my cheek, closed his eyes, and he's out. How sweet is that?!?! Anyone that thinks co-sleeping is a bad idea needs to experience this!

There's more I could talk about, but I just want to enjoy this sweetness with my little precious blessing.

G'night everyone.

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