Monday, January 26, 2009

Make-Up Saturday

Saturday we went to my mom's house to stay overnight. Liam (my nephew) was having his birthday party on Sunday, but they live about 3.5 hours from here. So we went to Mom's to stay overnight so we didn't have to make the whole long drive in one day. Its always fun to be there, and I miss her so much during the week. As you can see, Oliver loves spending time with Grandma too.

Not a whole lot to report from Saturday. Oliver slept the entire way down there. He was in a good mood while we were there, and even helped out in the kitchen by tagging along in my Beco. (I still need to get a picture of him in that! Its amazing!) Mom watched Oliver while Jay and I went to Wal-Mart. We were gone a little less than an was soooo weird for me to be out without him. That hasn't happened in a long time! I love bringing Oliver with me everywhere!

When we got back to Mom's house I gave Oliver his before-bed bath, and I think he is starting to discover his feet. He doesn't pay any attention to them while he has his braces on, but when they were off he kept sticking his legs up in the air, and wiggling his feet. It was so cute!! Then he'd roll on his side, still staring at his feet. He's just too cute!

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