Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grandma Visits!!!!!

Oliver was pretty excited for Grandma to come for a visit today. He hasn't gotten to spend a lot of time with her lately, so he was happy to see her. She came up for the day, got here mid-morning and left before we went to church. It was wonderful to visit with her. My mom and I have a very close friendship and relationship, and living almost 2 hours away can be very hard. We talk at least twice a day, and try to see each other every weekend that is possible...which since August has been just about every weekend!! Oliver was a sweetie, of course, and fell asleep on her before she left. Grandma adores her little Oliver! Tonight was church at the Vine, which is always great. I love that church!!! I have never felt so at home in a church, not even at East 91st which I loved attending. The people at Union are just truly a family...I love them. Now, we are back home, Oliver is jumperoo-ing for just a bit and Jay is making enchiladas for dinner. Yum!!! And the picture...Oliver loves trying to sit up in his car seat, which makes him look like a turtle, and is pretty funny!!!

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